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diabeticbingers's Journal

Diabetics with Binge Eating Disorder or COE
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For Diabetics, pre-diabetics and women with PCOS.

Hello and welcome! I'm your hostess, Carol. I have type 2 diabetes and binge eating disorder. This is a community formed out of desperation. There are several existing communities which provide almost what this one will. I've found, though, that the various eating disorders are so different from one another that it's nearly impossible to relate to someone with a different disorder than my own.

So this one is just for us. If you're a compulsive over-eater or a binge eater (no purging), you know how extra difficult it can be to control the dietary aspect of diabetes. This is a place for people with the same problems to get together to help improve their own and each other's lives and health. Who knows? We might even make some new friends along the way.

Recipes are very welcome and encouraged, but should be placed behind an lj-cut, simply because they take up so much space otherwise. Click here to learn more about lj-cut set-up.

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Important Note:
This is not a place to celebrate your eating disorder. There are communities that exist for that purpose. This community is for people who want to change their destructive behaviors so they can achieve better health.

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